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Use long-lasting Products

Responsible consumption

buy products that last. take care of them properly.

Helly Hansen was established in 1877, and we're proud of our longevity as a brand as well as the longevity of our products. Our kids' gear comes equipped with a name label for three generations of users . . . because we know it will last through the use of at least three active children.

We strive to make our gear last and that's important for the health of the planet. But, longevity is linked to care, so it's important to provide adequate care to every garment you own.

Keep your gear for a long time

Our natural resources are limited, and humans are overconsuming materials and other resources to the extent that we would need 1.7 globes to support us. We need to bring that down to one-planet consumption by implementing a circular mindset to our products and applying materials with improved environmental profiles. We are doing this by never compromising on quality and always striving to make long-lasting products.

Proper washing maximizes the performance of your gear.

Just like a boat or a pair of skis, proper maintenance is key to extending the life span of your apparel for as long as possible. If you're unsure of how to clean your Helly Hansen jacket, visit our care pages

repair kit


Even the most durable apparel can be damaged, but consider repairing your gear instead of disposing of it or replacing it. Holes and tears can often be mended, and some of our products also come with repair kits included. If you have questions about repairs or warranty, reach out to our customer service team.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I wash my waterproof gear?

Always check the care label and follow the instructions there as they might be specific to that item. However, here are a few general guidelines on how to wash waterproof gear - these are not meant to replace the instructions on the care label. 

Before washing your garment, make sure to cover all these pre-procedures:

– Make sure you zip up all zippers to avoid any surface damage.

– Loosen any tightened cords.

– Open the hood if the jacket has a hidden hood.

– Wash your product with the correct water temperature and program as instructed on the care label.

– For waterproof gear, do not use standard commercial detergents. Please use Tech Wash. Tech Wash is a detergent made for waterproof products and helps preserve the functionality better than standard powder and liquid detergents. 

– Do not use fabric softeners or detergents that have softening agents, as these will reduce the fabric surface tension and will have a negative effect on the fabric performance.

– HH® advises to use a technical washing product and to follow the instructions given by that product.

– In cases where no technical washing products exist, and you only have the option of normal washing products, one can wash using very little liquid washing product with no additives (without perfume, foam or softener). A second rinse cycle with water is preferred to remove any detergents that might be left behind on the surface. It is important to remove excess detergent, as it might affect the performance of the fabric.

– After washing, you can safely tumble dry your water proof gear in order to re-activate the DWR treatment. Please always follow the garment care label for drying instructions.

How should I wash and dry my down jacket?

Always check and follow the care label instructions as they might be specific to that product. However, here are some general guidelines on how to wash a down jacket. These should not replace the instructions on the care label. 

– Down jackets should be washed at the temperature and the cycle instructed on the care label.

– It is important to set the machine on one extra rinse cycle, to ensure that all the detergent has been removed from the down feathers.

– After the wash and when wet, the jacket will weigh more, so please handle it with care.

– It is advised to scoop, rather than pull the garment out of the washing machine. Do not shake or twist the garment to remove the excess water at this stage. Rather press out excess water when the jacket is lying flat.

We recommend washing and drying down products separately to avoid unnecessary friction. We do not recommend hand washing of down garments as it is very difficult to remove the washing detergent properly. Handwashing will also lead to excessive mechanical tensions on the fabric and seams.

To ensure the garment is dried evenly after washing, we suggest setting a long tumble drying program at a temperature suggested on the care label. Once the jacket is dry, you can add two to three dryer balls into the dryer (tennis balls will also work). This is to help gain extra loft between the down feathers. We do not recommend ironing your down jacket. This will compress the down inside the jacket and might damage the outer fabric.

When and why should I wash my Lifa® base layers?

Lifa® base layer technology is designed to keep you dry next to your skin by transferring moisture away from the skin where it can evaporate more easily. How often you should wash your Lifa® product is based on your activity level and how much sweat you produce.

We recommend washing your Lifa® products regularly after each use by simply giving them a quick hand wash to keep them clean and avoid bacteria build ups. Don’t tumble dry your Lifa® products, but line dry them.


When should I wash my waterproof gear?

It might not be that obvious when you should consider washing your garments, so here are a couple of signs to look for:

– If the water and/or rain droplets no longer bead off the surface of the jacket and start leaving a wet mark, the DWR (durable water repellency) might be worn off or deactivated.

– If the breathability does not seem to be on the same level as when you first bought your Helly Tech® garment. The fabric could be contaminated.


Should I wash my waterproof gear?

It is important to wash your waterproof garment whenever needed. Washing your garments will remove contaminating substances such as oils, dirt and salts from the surface and restore the surface tension of the fabric, keeping it clean and dry which in return help the membrane perform at its best.

How should I wash and dry my Lifa® base layers?

Always check the care label and follow the instructions. However, here are some general guidelines on how to wash Lifa® products. These should not replace the instructions on the care label. 

– Lifa® products are machine washable; follow the care instructions for temperature and cycle. We recommend using the wool program for these products.

– Do not tumble or heat dry. Only air/hang to dry.

– Always use the least amount of detergent as possible and if the base layer contains wool (Lifa® Merino), please use wool detergents.

Due to the nature of these products, we can recommend to hand wash directly after each use in lukewarm water to avoid bacteria and odor build up.

Does Helly Hansen offer recycling of garments?

We do not recycle garments, but we are working to use as many recycled materials as possible and to create recyclable products. With proper care, our garments should last a long time, and when you're done using your gear, we recommend donating or repairing when possible.