Tiril Sjåstad Christiansen

    Professional Freeride Skier

    Geilo, Norway

    Tiril is an accomplished skier who grew up in a ski resort in Geilo, a small mountain village in Norway. She's always had passion for skiing and outdoor activities. She has two siblings, one brother and one sister. Growing up, they always pushed each other, no matter what activity or sport they participated in. She loves traveling and has been lucky enough to see the world and explore awesome places, despite her young age. She's always been curious and loves to challenge herself, on skis and outside skiing. In 2013, she blew out herknee, and still won GOLD in the X Games, Aspen. Now, five years, ands five knee surgeries later she's decided leave the Norwegian Freeski team, to do less park skiing and more freeride skiing. Her life has been all about park skiing for the past 10 years, now she wants to explore different parts of skiing. She wants to travel to new places, ski big mountains, go on touring trips with friends and family, try heli skiing and sail between beautiful nature and big mountains to find new spots to bring her skis.


    Born: April 7th, 1995
    Country: Norway

    2 X Games GOLD medals
    2 X Games SILVER medals
    1 X Games BRONCE medal
    1 World Cup overall victory
    5 knee surgeries, torn ACL and meniscus
    2 broken thumps and one torn ligament in the thumb
    1 broken hand
    1 broken rib
    1 heavy concussion