Thomas Coville

    Professional Offshore Solo Sailor

    La Trinité sur Mer, France

    Thomas Coville is not just a skilled sailor, he is one of the most successful solo sailors of all time. He ha notable finishes in the world’s most competitive offshore races, including the Mini Transat 6.50, the Solitaire du Figaro, the Admiral’s Cup, America’s Cup, Route du Rhum, The Transat, the Vendée Globe, and the Volvo Ocean Race. Thomas Coville has made a career of breaking records and pushing limits. In 2016, Coville achieved what was thought to be impossible, he sailed around the world solo on a multihull in under 50 days! Imagine sailing across six oceans in seven weeks…alone! Coville accomplished this incredible feat only a few months after breaking the North-Atlantic crossing record. Again, he did it all solo! Thomas’ love of sailing was born in his early years on the North coast of the French region Bretagne. From his first sailing lesson to his latest journey around the world, Thomas has employed hard work and persistence to achieve his lofty goals. His ambitions grew alongside skills and, a few years after winning the 2011-2012 Volvo Ocean race onboard Groupama, Thomas decided to focus his efforts on his own campaign. This led Coville to his next step, being the first man to sail around the world solo in less than 50 days. But, he didn’t stop there. Always eager to learn more and gain more speed on the water, Thomas is now building a new trimaran – not only to sail, but also to fly! Stay tuned – there is a new and thrilling chapter ahead! During his solo sailing expeditions, Thomas works, eats, and sleeps in Helly Hansen products, 24/7. His feedback is invaluable to the development and improvement of our professional-grade sailing gear. The latest addition to the collection is the HP Racing Midlayer Jacket which uses our newest Lifaloft™ technology to make his sailing gear not only lighter, but also warmer.


    Born: May 10th 1968
    Country: France
    Disciplines: Solo and Team Offshore Sailing

    first to sail solo on a trimaran around the world in less than 50 days (49 days and 3 hours)
    record holder of the solo crossing of the North Atlantic Ocean (4 days and 11 hours, 10 mins)
    Winner of the Volvo Ocean Race with Groupama in 2012-13
    8 times around the world, 4 in solo/crew, 6 times in multi-hull