Points North Heli

    Heli Skiing Operation

    Cordova, Alaska, U.S.

    Founded in 1998 by professional skier couple Kevin and Jessica Quinn, Points North Heli has been an integral part of the North American and broader international ski community for over two decades. With an exemplary safety record, an elite crew of Professionals, and a fleet of A-Star helicopters, they've made ski dreams a reality across 2,000 square miles of pristine alpine terrain year after year. Well known as a premier operator for pro athletes and leading media companies such as Warren Miller, they also insist you certainly don't have to be a "professional" to experience the grandeur of heli-skiing in Alaska with terrain to suit all abilities. In addition to operating PNH, Kevin has served as President of the US Heli Ski Association since 2013. No successful partnership would be complete without an equally capable and talented better half, with Jessica directing and coordinating a team of 28 pilots and operational support crew and founding the Alaskan Ladies Big Mountain Free-skiing camp. PNH is also a proud VÖLKL Ski partner, with both Kevin and Jessica longtime Squaw Valley ambassadors with multiple media accolades and filmography appearances throughout their careers.


    Born: 1998
    Country: United States
    Disciplines: Heli Skiing

    Over 20 years experience
    Heli Ski US Member
    United States Forest Service Partner
    12 Warren Miller film segments
    2,000 miles of skiable Alaskan terrain for all abilities

    The best day of your life starts here.

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