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    Seattle, Washington, U.S.

    For more than 30 years, Mountain Madness has helped their guests live their dreams. Whether it’s reaching the summit of a 20,000-foot peak (6089 m), unraveling the meaning of Buddhist Mani stones on the trek to Mount Everest, or prusiking out of a crevasse on a pristine glacier in the wilds of the North Cascades, guests discover wonders beyond their wildest dreams! What sets Mountain Madness apart is how we share our passion for the mountain. Expert guides, experienced office staff, carefully selected cook staff, all impart a love of their profession, resulting in the highest quality of service possible. The Mountain Madness team happily shares their expertise and intense passion for all things mountain-related, giving guests a journey of a lifetime.


    Born: 1984
    Country: United States
    Disciplines: Mountaineering

    Among the leading mountain guide companies in the world with expeditions to Mount Everest and the Seven Summits.
    Operating mountaineering schools in five countries.
    During more than thirty years in business, thousands of guests reached the summits of their dreams and trekked to unimaginable places with Mountain Madness.

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