Madison Rose Ostergren

    Professional Big Mountain Skier

    Salt Lake City, Utah

    Skiing. Such a funny thing we do. We strap wooden planks to our feet and point them down the mountain just for the pure joy and thrill of going fast and flying through cold white fluff. We let crisp frigid air whip our bodies for hours in subzero temps, we train and push ourselves to become better skiers and to go further than we ever thought we could. We allow ourselves to become completely miserable, letting our toes become completely frostbitten, turn white, and then poke our nails, hoping they eventually fall off. We share hot cocoa with friends and push our partners and ski buddies to become the best version of themselves. We climb bigger and more challenging mountains and ski gnarlier lines. We throw ourselves off of bigger cliffs and try to go faster and bigger than we did the day before. Why? Because it's skiing. And we love it. And isn't that what it's all about? Ski fast, smile big. *Profile image by Stephen Shelesky, gallery images by Cam Mcleod + Stephen Shelesky


    Born: 1997
    Country: USA
    Disciplines: Alpine, Backcountry

    Industry Publishing Credits: 2020 Powder Magazine Photo Annual, 2020 Backcountry Magazine Photo Annual, 2019 Freeskier Magazine
    2018 Discrete Cirque Series Mountain Running Race: 2nd place (Division: Women’s Expert)
    Avid ukulele player and singer
    Level 3 Country Swing dancer
    Muffin making machine