Kaylin Richardson

    Olympian & Big Mountain Skier

    Park City, Utah, U.S.

    Kaylin still remembers when she carved her first turn. That feeling of acceleration and she was hooked. Many people are surprised that Kaylin grew up on the molehills of the Midwest, but she believes it’s key to her love of snowy peaks, never taking the mountains for granted. After ten years traveling the globe competing on the US Ski Team, she traded in her race skis for a backcountry setup and hasn’t looked back. As Kaylin’s deep adoration of the mountains grew, scaling them has become just as fulfilling for her as the descent. Pushing herself to excel has been a constant source of motivation; instead of the scoreboard dictating her success, however, it’s now the thrill of exploration and personal connections. What expands her love for the mountains exponentially is experiencing it together with the larger ski community. Whether it’s just the shared stoke of a stranger on a chairlift or a lifelong ski partner, the fundamental kinship is one and the same. “My most life-affirming, as well as laugh attack-inducing conversations have all occurred on the side of a slope,” she says. It doesn’t matter if being amidst the mountains is their daily ritual or most treasured weekend of the year, people that make time for the mountains have a common ground of care, respect, and love. Equally happy sharing a cup of hot cocoa with enthusiastic groms, as she is throwing back a few with the locals, she is the girl that will happily give you first dibs on a steep, untouched slope of powder. Hesitate one second too long though and you’ll hear “see you at the bottom" followed by a big smile, her competitive streak still as strong as ever.


    Born: 1984
    Country: United States
    Disciplines: Freeride, Super-G, GS, Slalom, Combined

    2-Time Olympian
    4-Time National Alpine Champion
    2012 Freeskiing World Tour’s North American Champion
    7-Time Featured Athlete in Warren Miller Films
    Champion Talker and Over-Sharer (Self-Proclaimed)

    Expand your horizon; there is more ahead than you ever imagined.

    Trusted by Kaylin

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