Jean-Francois (JF) Plouffe

    Professional Mountain Guide

    Squamish, BC, CAN

    With more than 25 years pf experience in the guiding and instructing in the international outdoors industry, Jean Francois(JF) Plouffe loves what he does. Armed with a wealth of experience in mountaineering, skiing, and climbing, he has climbed summits from the Yukon to the Himalayas and has rafted and kayaked around the world. A “people person” by nature, one of JF’s greatest strengths is to lead expeditions in all aspects ad environments that Mother Nature provides for us. He hopes that his adventures, positive energy, and determination will inspire people to get out there and connect with the environments they live in. A proud father and educator, JF is also a passionate environmentalist. He recently wrote an environmental children’s book, "Little Spring," which focuses on the importance of Recycling, Reusing and Reducing. Through this epic journey of one plastic water bottle, JF hopes to educate and inspire readers to consider our planet and to make positive environmental decisions. Check out the book here at: He lives by the motto: “Live the life you have always imagined.”


    Born: 1974
    Country: Canada
    Disciplines: Presenting, Expedition Leader, Mountaineering, Ski Alpinism, Big Mountain Skiing, Ice Climbing, Rocking Climbing, Canyoneering, Teacher, Mentor, Paddleboarding, Safety and Emergency procedures

    Notable mountain summits from the Yukon to the Himalayan mountains
    Mountain Guide and Expedition Leader since 1997
    Published Author of children’s environmental book, “Little Spring”
    You will always feel taken care of during an adventure with JF. You will be challenged and learn important details, while laughing the whole time!

    Live the life you have always imagined.

    JF Plouffe