Dustin Cook

    Professional alpine skier

    Lac Ste Marie, QC

    Growing up on the small hills of Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec, Dustin never really thought he had a chance to make it to the National Team, let alone onto World Cup podiums! The journey from his home hill to the mountains in the West and the Alps in Europe has been absolutely incredible (and incredibly frustrating at times!): wild, crazy, surreal, but most of all, fun. Skiing has been a passion since he was first put on snow at around two years old, and it’s just as fun now as when he was a kid having impromptu, full contact races with teammates in -30C weather. Ski racing is what he does, first and foremost, but he also love free skiing. From ripping groomers in Colorado or France to shredding pow in Utah or BC, the passion for skiing is alive and well. Next up on the list is backcountry touring. There’s so much terrain out there to be explored, and the lifts only get you to a very small part of it!  Dustin is a fiercely independent person who likes to do things his own way, which can be a bit challenging in a sport like ski racing, where things are traditionally done in certain ways. His independent attitude has definitely had its share of ups and downs over the years, but he wouldn’t have it any other way! Dustin is also a perfectionist, which is a frustrating trait to have as a ski racer since there is no such thing as the perfect run. This attitude has helped him to continually seek improvement, those small refinements, and ultimately the feeling of the perfect turn. 


    Born: Feb. 11, 1989
    Country: Canada
    Disciplines: skiing

    World Championship Silver Medal
    World Cup Winner
    Multiple World Cup podiums