Danny Longman

    Physiologist and ultra-endurance athlete

    United Kingdom

    Danny is a Lecturer in Physiology at Loughborough University and an ultra-endurance athlete with a passion for adventure. Danny loves the sense of freedom that comes with pushing physical limits and discovering beautiful and remote parts of the world. So, following a successful career as a national-level runner and rower, Danny set about exploring the world by human power. Inspired by his own experiences as an athlete, Danny has designed a research programme which is enhancing understanding of human physiology in the world’s most extreme environments. Following the completion of his PhD at the University of Cambridge, Danny has worked extensively with ultra-endurance athletes competing in the Himalayas, Arctic, Amazon and Desert. For the last 5 years, Danny has used this expertise to drive the creation of award-winning high-performance Helly Hansen clothing, including the Arctic Patrol Modular Parka.


    Born: 1987
    Country: United Kingdom
    Disciplines: Ultra-endurance athlete and Physiologist

    1. Rowed across the Arctic Ocean- breaking 7 official Ocean Rowing World Records.
    2. Set a British ultra-endurance swimming record for being the fastest to swim the maximum length of every lake in the Lake District.
    3. Completed self-supported cycling adventures across 4 continents.