Caroline Côté

    Mountain Professional, Adventure Filmmaker and Endurance Athlete


    Caroline Côté is a professional adventurer and endurance athlete with a tendency to explore icy places. Filming outdoors, far away or in complex conditions is her passion and her specialty. Her main role when she's going on expeditions is to bring back footage for the purpose of presenting them to the public in a documentary format. She was recently a member of a team of that journeyed through an unexplored region of Antarctica for 30 days in total autonomy. What makes her feel ALIVE is to engage people in learning more about the subject of nature conservation, and effective team leadership. Every trip in nature, whether short or long, has taught her lessons and inspired theories that guide her path today.


    Country: Canada
    Disciplines: Mountain Exploration, Adventure Filmmaking, Photography, Solo Expeditions, Endurance Racing

    Caroline wrote a book called Dépasser ses limites (Beyond our limits) telling the stories of people she met on different adventures.
    Caroline has completed over 8 major expeditions.
    Her favorite food is oatmeal and there is always some hidden in her gear!
    Every trip in nature has taught Caroline lessons and inspired theories that guide her path today.

    "Through those moments of doubt that we all experience at one point or another in our lives, we become authentic and transparent to ourselves. Because when we overcome certain challenges in our daily life or during an adventure, we are not only grappling with snow, rock, wind, storm or crevasses on our way, but also with ourselves and with our human frailty. By going in search of stories to tell in a context of surpassing oneself, by filming and producing documentaries, I come to better understand my essence, my reason for being."

    Caroline Côté

    Mountain Professional and Adventure Filmmaker