59 North Sailing

    Offshore Sailors

    Enköping, Sweden

    Andy & Mia are world-class leaders in offshore adventure sailing, having sailed over 100,000 ocean miles between them since meeting while backpacking in New Zealand in 2006. They’ve sailed boats from 32 to 74-feet long, have crossed the Atlantic a combined seven times, and have sailed as far as 80º North, to Spitsbergen. Andy & Mia lead high-level sailing expeditions from the Caribbean to the Arctic and are passionate about sharing the wisdom of the high seas with those wise enough to seek it out. Andy is also passionate about storytelling, and through his sailing podcast ‘On the Wind,’ he’s published 245 interviews and counting since 2013 - with sailors from around the world. The podcast reaches a worldwide audience and has inspired others to pursue their dreams on the high seas.


    Born: Andy: 1984, Mia: 1985
    Country: United States / Sweden
    Disciplines: Offshore Adventure Sailing

    7 combined trans-Atlantic crossings; Farthest North: 80º North, in Spitsbergen
    Over 100,000 ocean miles sailed
    Best 24-hour run: 200 nautical miles in their Swan 48 ISBJORN

    Hold fast to your dreams!

    Trusted by Andy & Mia

    For offshore cruising, the Aegir Race Salopettes & Race Jacket combo is ideal - we're not getting slammed with green water on the foredeck like the Volvo racers, so the lighter weight is great, but we still get the ultimate waterproofness in the top-end fabric. Up north in the Arctic, the simple VOR Gloves have been awesome - warm enough, yet allowed us to use our hands onboard, in the dinghy, and ashore. Even in the tropics, the night watches can be brisk - the superlight and soft 100% Lifa Merino Base Layers work wonderfully under the Aegir Race gear. Light yet warm and cozy!