January 2019

    World Championships in Åre and a Collection to Match

    This February, the fastest skiers in the world will compete for the title of World Champion in Åre, Sweden. For the Swedish skiers who will represent their country on home turf, it’ll be the experience of a lifetime and the culmination of years and years of hard training. To ensure that they’re dressed for the occasion, we’ve designed a unique championship collection for the elite Swedish skiers. We wanted them to feel proud and confident during this intensely competitive event.

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    Matthias Hargin from Ski Team Sweden Alpine wearing pieces from the new collection. Photo: Warner Nickerson


    This isn’t our first project with the Swedish team.  We collaborated with them for the development of innovations like LIFALOFT™ and the Life Pocket™, all with the goal of helping them to perform their best. This time, the performance wasn’t about technology, but about emotion. The Swedish skiers wanted to express their patriotism and pride in local traditions. So, we set out to create a collection that would give the skiers a sense of pride and confidence as they at World Championships.

    The Åre Collection – Symbolic of the Region and a Love of Skiing

    Åre, pronounced “oar-eh,” is a three-time host of World Championships and a destination resort in Northern Sweden. With over 100 years of rich skiing history, a vibrant village, and some of the best terrain in Northern Europe. Our designers started with a Swedish painting style called Kurbits, particularly popular in the region of Jämtland, where Åre is located.

    Therefore, we decided to make a modern version of a Kurbits with symbols central to Åre and skiing. The six symbols that make up the pattern are Åreskutan, a moose (the county crest), Bergsbanan, a snowflake, ski goggles, and the cable car.


    Pattern elements from the new collection


    The Åre Collection pattern adorns special edition base layers, sweaters, beanies, and more. Most importantly, we added it to Ski Team Sweden Alpine’s speed suit. The overall aesthetic of the speed suit was inspired by one of Ingemar Stenmark’s iconic race suits, with a v-shaped design and the kurbits Pattern. Ingemar Stenmark is a Swedish ski icon and perhaps the greatest slalom and giant slalom specialist of all time. Applying one of his trademark aesthetics to this landmark collection couldn’t have felt more appropriate.


    The World Championship Speed Suit for Ski Team Sweden Alpine. Photo: Alexander Eriksson


    The 6 Symbols Behind the Åre Collection Pattern


    Åreskutan – The Highest Peak in Åre and the Center of it all

    The peak, the pinnacle: Åreskutan.  Not only beautiful and recognizable, the mountain peak in Åre is the starting point for skiers who want to ski the best terrain on the mountain. Hike beyond the top of the cable car and ski down the back side. Often shrouded in fog and cold from the wind, it’s a destination for people who are willing to ski through it all.

    The Moose – The King of the Swedish woods

    The county crest of Jämtland features a silver moose. It’s common to see statuesque moose scattered across the landscape. For Swedes, the moose is the king of the forest. It symbolizes strength and power and is ubiquitous with the beautiful landscapes of Sweden.

    Bergbanan – A Funicular with History

    Bergbanan began running in 1908, making it the first lift in Åre, and one of the oldest in Scandinavia. This funicular was originally constructed to create a central hub for winter sports in Åre. Bergbanan would transport both skiers and non-skiers alike to the crisp air of the mountain peaks. Fresh air was, and still is, thought to be healing and beneficial in the minds of many Swedes.

    Snow Flake – Well, You Get It

    Every skier’s favorite thing: snow! And Åre has a reputation for deep powder and massive snow storms.

     Ski Goggles – Do You Love to Ski?

    Ski goggles are a universal symbol for skiing. Return from a spring skiing trip in the paradise of Åre and you’ll likely boast a goggle tan, revealing all the fun time you had on vacation in paradise. The goggle tan shows you had a good time, it shows you love to ski.

    The Åre Cable Car – The Fastest Way to the Top!

    Call it a cable car or call it a tram, this people-mover takes eager skiers up to all the best terrain on the mountain. It’s the background of every great vacation photo in Åre. When the speed athletes take it to the top of Åreskutan in February, it’ll be the last moment of stillness before all the action goes down!


    The championship collection for Swedish Ski Team Alpine is in the Swedish colors of blue and yellow, with white for snow. But we had to share the love with our Canadian friends, who will be donning a similar print in red and white, featuring the iconic maple leaf. Plus, this limited edition collection is available in select retailers and, too. See you in Åre!


    Foto: Warner Nickerson


    Foto: Alexander Eriksson


    Foto: Alexander Eriksson


    Foto: Warner Nickerson


    Foto: Alexander Eriksson