September 2018, New York, USA

    Walking With The Wounded – Walk of America Finish

    In May, we were proud to announce our partnership with Walking With The Wounded on their latest expedition, the Walk Of America.  We feel very lucky to have followed them on their incredible journey. On the June 2nd, A team of six wounded veterans, three from the US and three from the UK, began a 1,000 mile walk across America to raise the profile of the invisible wounds of war. Adele Loar, Frankie Perez, Larry Hinkle, Kemsley Whittlesea, Kev Carr, and Jonny Burns have all suffered with their mental health since leaving the Armed Forces, but chose to embark on this challenge in order to share their stories, encourage other veterans to seek support and to raise funds for other wounded veterans on both sides of the Atlantic.


    Walking With the Wounded - Core Team

    Walking With the Wounded – Core Team

    I’ve taken part in the Walk Of America to try as raise as much awareness as I possibly can about mental health support, because I don’t want other veterans going through life the way I did. Kev Carr

    Along the way, the team was joined by a large amount of support crew, made up of friends and volunteers, many of which have served alongside the team in the forces and some of which have joined Walking With The Wounded on previous expeditions such as the South Pole Allied Challenge back in 2013, alongside Expedition Patron Prince Harry.

    Walking With the Wounded Walk of America

    Over the course of the summer, the team walked a total of 1000 miles. In doing so, they visited 86 towns, crossed 24 state borders and have visited seven military bases across America, spreading awareness of mental health and also raising money to support other veterans in need. Together as a team, they have battled the highs and the lows of undertaking such a massive task.

    Walking with the Wounded Walk of America Kev

    Every mile that you have covered, every step you have taken, has been a demonstration of hope and courage. HRH Prince Harry
    Prince Harry Walking With the Wounded

    Prince Harry Walking With the Wounded

    Today, the team reached the end of their walk, arriving in New York City. They were joined by Expedition Patron, Dr. Jill Biden, who along with her husband, ex-Vice President Joe Biden, who have joined the team walking parts of the route across America. The team walked their 1000th mile via the iconic 9/11 Memorial, where they laid a wreath to honour and remember all those who lost their lives on September 11th, 2001, to the Queen Elizabeth II Garden.

    Walking With the Wounded Walk of America

    If you have been inspired by @supportthewalk’s incredible #WalkOfAmerica team and want to find out more about what they’re doing to support #veterans on both sides of the Atlantic, visit


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