August 2017

    The Life Pocket™: Saving Battery Life in Cold Environments

    Introducing the Life Pocket™ and the Life Pocket+™, some of the most subtle yet powerful features in many of our favorite 2018 ski jackets. This special pocket holds the secret to keeping smartphones alive longer. Developed in collaboration with PrimaLoft® and using thermal resistant materials, the Life Pocket™ stays two times warmer than a regular ski jacket pocket. Slightly more advanced, the Life Pocket+™ is engineered with PrimaLoft® Gold Insulation Aerogel and keeps your pocket three times warmer than traditional ski jacket pockets. This state of the art aerogel was developed by NASA to protect electronics in space; now it can keep your electronics warm for heavenly ski days on earth.


    The Life Pocket™ is integrated into the chest pocket to make the phone accessible in a second

    No need to tuck your phone into a warm sock in your backpack. The Life Pocket™ is integrated into the chest pocket to make the phone accessible in a second, wherever you are.

    don’t forget your Phone

    Whether you’re waiting in the lift line, hiking through the backcountry, or relaxing at the after-ski, you want your phone alive. Most skiers want to take selfies, check weather reports, and meet up. A phone is also the lifeline for calling ski patrol or getting help in challenging situations. Ultimately, a dead phone battery can be more than just a small inconvenience, it can be a big problem.

    Unfortunately, cold weather has a chilling effect on both the batteries and the delicate mechanics in smartphones. There’s a very good chance that your cell phone won’t last through a long day on the mountain. It’s sad to think that Instagram may never see the views from the top of the mountain or Snapchat will never know your story.

    In order to avoid this terrible sadness, Helly Hansen developed the Life Pocket™. We theorized that a warmer pocket could help keep phones alive longer, and it turns out we were right. Thanks to the Life Pocket™, every skier’s most ubiquitous piece of equipment can stay alive for long days on the slopes.

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