October 2020

    The Arctic Ocean Parka | Developed for Cold Weather Sailing

    Winter in the North Sea is cold. Arctic sailing isn’t for the faint of heart. But for those who brave the falling snow, frigid temperatures, and biting winds, it brings its own unique reward, its own romantic appeal. There’s nothing like the feeling of standing on the bough of a boat in the Arctic Ocean. 


    arctic sailing

    Sail boat Pangaea in the North Sea. Photo by Mats Grimsæth


    We wanted to create a jacket for everybody who has this strange, beautiful passion… for people who like cold weather sailing. We wanted to create a jacket that could resist the freezing wind and splashing water of the North Sea. Introducing the Arctic Ocean Parka.

    Testing in the Extreme Conditions of Arctic Sailing

    Mats Grimsæth has spent the last four winters up above the Arctic Circle, with everything from a light snowfall to -50 degree temperatures. We knew he was the perfect person to help us develop the Arctic Ocean Parka.


    mats on a boat

    Mats in the Arctic Ocean Parka at the helm. Photo by Mats Grimsæth


    There were days when you could see the saltwater freeze as it hit the deck. Mats Grimsæth - Arctic Ocean Sailor, Skier, Photographer

    During his time in the Arctic, Mats relied on the many high-performing layers of the Ægir Offshore Collection. The Ægir Collection is a professional grade offshore collection that’s designed for extreme conditions. Professional sailors have been using Ægir for everything from the Volvo Ocean Race to the Vendee Globe.  But Mats wanted something a little different; he wanted an option for less layering, even during the Arctic’s coldest days. In other words, Mats wanted one warm jacket that he could wear every day on the boat. With the Arctic Ocean Parka, he could wear the same jacket on chilly Autumn days or snowy winter evenings, where you can’t even see the bough of the sailboat because of dumping snow.


    snowy boat and dark horizon

    A frigid day on Pangaea. Photo by Mats Grimsæth


    The first time Mats tested the Arctic Ocean Parka was in February when he set sail in the boat, Pangaea, with Mike Horn from Tromsø to Ålesund. The first day, it was snowing so much that he had to shovel three times before leaving the dock. At that time of year, the sun doesn’t even rise above the horizon. That makes the days short and the weather extreme. On his sail south, Mats experienced everything from blizzards to sunny, cold mornings: “The jacket kept me warm and dry on even the coldest days. It feels like you’re putting on a warm house.”


    arctic ocean scenic

    The allure of the Arctic. Photo by Mats Grimsæth

    It feels like you’re putting on a warm house. Mats Grimsæth - Arctic Ocean Sailor, Skier, Photographer

    The Arctic Ocean Parka – Features

    The Arctic Ocean Parka is equipped with a LIFE POCKET™ with YKK® AquaGuard® water resistant zippers, SOLAS-approved reflective elements, a quick-dry recycled polyester insulation, and more. 


    sailor on bough of boat on sunny day

    When the sun comes out. Photo by Mats Grimsæth


    Mats gave us a breakdown of some of his favorite features:

    “I love that the hood is removable. On nice days, there’s no need to have a hoodie. And also, on windy days, it can just be in the way if you are working hard on the deck. The adjustable double cuff seals make sure you don’t get water up to your arms. The high collar makes it comfier on cold hours at the helm. The fleece-lined pockets to warm your hands are my absolute favorite, your hands are kept warm and it’s easy to use them fast without taking off your gloves.”


    arctic sailing

    Unmatched beauty in the North Sea. Photo by Mats Grimsæth

    A one-of-a-kind Jacket 

    Mats said this jacket is one of his favorites, and he’s tried them all. So, what distinguishes the Arctic Ocean Parka from other sailing jackets? Here’s what he had to say:

    “In this jacket, you have kind of a 2-in-1 solution, you have a warm parka, but it works in mild temperatures, too. It’s practical and will keep you warm and dry. That makes dressing up when taking on the most extreme shift faster and easier. It’s also a jacket for exploring the coast when warm summer days are over and you want to enjoy the beautiful autumn. It’s an all-round jacket that makes sailing all year possible.”

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