March 2020

    Solen: Sun-Protective Activewear

    Soaking in the sun can feel energizing but even when the sun is shining, protection from the weather is key.

    If you love to be outdoors, you’ve felt the positive effects of sunlight, but you also know that ultraviolet radiation can have negative effects. Sunscreen offers protection but it can be a drag because it must be reapplied frequently, which is not always convenient when you’re engaged in your favorite sport. To make life easier for everyone who prefers to spend time outdoors in the summer, we’ve created Solen — a collection of sun-protective clothing that reduces the negative effects of UV rays.

    Thanks to a unique combination of technology and materials, we’re introducing a collection of activewear that provides all-day comfort and natural everlasting 50+ UPF sun protection, without the need for harmful chemical treatments during production and care.

    By wearing your sun protection and reducing the need for sunscreen, you also help protect the oceans, because certain chemicals in sunscreen can be harmful to corals and marine life.



    Sun protection from coffee

    The debuting collection is made of our most effective, high-performance active fabric, LIFA® Active, combined with S.Café®.

    S.Café® technology is the reason behind the 50+ UPF sun protection. Through a low-temperature, high-pressure and energy saving process, recycled coffee grounds are infused during fiber creation to boost UPF protection to 50+ UPF that will never wash out.

    The micro-pores on S.Café® coffee grounds absorb odors and maintain the UPF value both when wet and dry. They also offer up to 200% faster drying time when compared with cotton. In addition to natural odor control and quick drying time, the S.Café® technology removes the need for any chemical treatments that can negatively affect the environment.



    Break a sweat

    Thanks to the lightweight and hydrophobic LIFA® Active fabric, the Solen Collection offers excellent moisture management and breathability. In addition to sun protection, it is designed to keep you feeling dry on those hot summer days. This has made it the go-to collection for any sun-exposed activities such as sailing, spring skiing, hiking and beyond.

    According to Joren Davis, Product Manager for Base Layer at Helly Hansen, “the inspiration behind the new Solen collection stems from our professionals and consumers who spend countless hours in the sun. They understand the damaging long-term effects of sun exposure. By offering a product that is always 50+ UPF, whether dry or wet, we can assure them that they are protected, regardless of weather or activity.”



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