March 2020

    Odin 3D Air Shell Jacket — Lightweight Durability

    Into the night, the rain, the fog, the blizzard — into the unknown. The working life of mountain professionals can be unpredictable, and they need specialized equipment and protective clothing that can stand up to whatever comes their way.

    When we asked the Norwegian volunteer search and rescue team, Norsk Folkehjelp (Norwegian People’s Aid), what type of jacket they needed for the summer season, the answer was a lightweight, breathable, yet extremely durable shell jacket. This motivated us to develop the most performance-driven shell jacket to take on the spring and summer seasons, when, despite being the warmest period of the year, conditions can still become harsh in high mountain regions.


    Odin 3D Air


    Technology matched by performance

    The new Odin 3D Air Shell Jacket is a lightweight, waterproof, windproof and highly breathable 2.75L shell jacket for high-output activities during light-and-fast mountain adventures.

    By incorporating a new 3D printed backing, the 2.75L jacket is as light as a 2.5L jacket, but more durable and protective than a 3L jacket of equal weight. The 3D backing offers a comfortable, dry touch when wearing next to skin.

    “This jacket is the result of some of the top minds, mountain professionals, and designers in the business,” says Sarah Randall, Product Manager for Mountain at Helly Hansen.


    Odin 3D Air close-up


    Minimum weight, maximum airflow

    During mountain rescue operations, every second counts, which means that the weight of every piece of gear counts as well. For search and rescue professionals, it is necessary to move quickly under any conditions and in all types of terrain, including severe weather in remote outdoor environments. It’s labor-intensive work, which often requires carrying specialized equipment in steep terrain, and they must pack light, only bringing the most necessary. Every item and every detail adds weight, and heavier means slower as time passes on a rescue mission. Still, the unreliable conditions mean that they can’t compromise on functionality and protection.

    When hiking through difficult terrain, your body temperature can fluctuate as you climb steep hills or stand still at the summit of a mountain, and you must be able to regulate your temperature on the go. To make this as easy as possible, the Odin 3D Air Shell Jackets are ergonomically designed with a focus on male and female cool and hot spots. By using gender-specifically placed 2-way side ventilation zippers and open mesh panels on the back to provide maximum airflow around the body, users will experience optimum temperature control.


    Odin 3D Air


    Made to travel light

    When the weather calms down and the temperature rises, you can easily take off and carry along the Odin 3D Air Shell Jacket without adding much bulk to your pack. For men, the jacket easily packs into its chest pocket and converts into a looped bag for transport via pack or harness. For women, the hand pocket includes an internal zip pocket for housing smartphones and transforms the entire jacket into a sling pack within seconds.


    Odin 3D Air Packable


    Award-winning innovation

    When faced with changing and unpredictable conditions in the mountains, being able to adapt quickly is key for comfort and performance.

    Thanks to its adaptability and wide range of other features, the Odin 3D Air Shell Jacket took home the prestigious award in the category of Excellent Product Design at the German Design Awards, one of the most renowned design competitions worldwide. This is a fine tribute to the collaboration between Norwegian People’s Aid and Helly Hansen, and not least the qualities of our new and lighter Odin, which will protect you through any weather the mountains throw at you.

    Odin 3D Air

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