October 2016

    My Preparation for the Freeride World Tour: Dennis Risvoll

    The first season in FWT (Freeride World Tour) was a season filled with many ups and downs, but all in all it was a good season- despite some tumbling!

    Some have expressed that I should hold back a bit, but for me is most important to have good and exciting experiences. I have to ski my own lines and do what I feel, or else I become dissatisfied. I would rather fall, have fun and push the limits so I can provide a show, than run a boring and predictable line that I am dissatisfied with.

    If I land on my feet, that’s great. That’s how I want it to be; all or nothing.

    I don’t know if I’m going to change my strategy for the upcoming season, I will know when the time comes. It is good to perhaps be a little smarter in some areas in terms of how and when to hold back, and also in relation to how hard you should go in comparison with the other riders.

    My preparation for next year’s tour is much the same as last year – primarily by staying in good physical and psychological shape.

    This season, I shall certainly ski much more than I did last season, it was far too little! There is a lot of waiting during the World Tour, where you cannot take advantage of great conditions, so it is important for me to not forget why I’m doing this; it’s because I love skiing.


    Photo: Håvard / Planckfilm


    Photo: Håvard / Planckfilm


    Photo: Håvard / Planckfilm


    Photo:Håvard / Planckfilm