August 2018

    LIFALOFT™ – Warm Up Without Feeling Weighed Down

    It seems like thin insulators are everywhere. But the thinner they get, it’s often at the sacrifice of warmth. So, when Ski Team Sweden Alpine came to us with a request for an insulator that would keep them warm on snow and be easily packable, we knew we could provide the solution. It was time for us to create the ultimate warm and lightweight insulator.



    How could we create a warm, versatile jacket with less bulk and minimal weight? To find the solution, we teamed up with Primaloft® and looked to our own LIFA® fibers. After four years of development, our collaboration has resulted in a new, cutting edge, and completely exclusive technology: LIFALOFT™ – 20% lighter yet warmer than standard insulation. What’s behind this revolutionary technology?

    Partnering with Primaloft®

    When it comes to innovative insulation, Primaloft® is king. Therefore, we knew Primaloft® was the ultimate partner to help us create the next innovation in insulation. LIFALOFT™ isn’t our first collaborative technology with Primaloft®. We’ve actually been longtime partners, recently working together to develop the Life Pocket™ – designed to keep your phone alive longer in cold environments. Now, our collaboration has resulted in another triumph: LIFALOFT™.


    LIFALOFT™ captures a large amount of air in a small space, creating maximum warmth with minimum bulk

    From LIFA® to LIFALOFT™ – the Magic behind our base layers, reinvented in an insulator.

    In 1970, we introduced LIFA®, a technology we applied to create the first technical base layer. Despite being nearly 50 years old, this Helly Hansen exclusive technology has been one of the most timeless, best-performing materials. This longevity is partly due to the fact that we are constantly and consistently improving LIFA®, and it remains a cutting-edge base layer technology, today.

    While we have focused on continuous refinement of LIFA® as a base layer technology, we saw an opportunity to bring its unique properties into new applications. That’s exactly what we’ve done with LIFALOFT™.


    LIFALOFT™ insulators are tailored to be comfortable and low profile – perfect for layering


    LIFA® fibers have a unique construction that make them lightweight and warm, but it was when we merged them with Primaloft® insulation that we found a magic mixture to take lightweight insulation to the next level. LIFALOFT™ is warmer thanks to an increased number of air pockets that capture and retain heat. Beyond being warm, LIFALOFT® also has hydrophobic properties, (one of the qualities that make it such an incredible base layer).

    This quality prevents LIFALOFT™ from absorbing too much moisture and helps it dry quickly. Therefore, LIFALOFT™ insulated pieces are perfect for high-intensity activities, and they’ll still be dry and comfortable for travel the next day.


    The signature LIFALOFT™ pattern lies at the same angle as the HH logo

    As with all of our products, we are inspired and driven by our athletes and the professionals that wear our designs every day. Philip Tavell - Category Managing Director

    From Small to Big – A more Sustainable Choice with Subtle Details

    Beyond just being warmer and lighter, LIFALOFT™ is also better for the environment than standard polyester insulation. LIFALOFT™ has a smaller carbon and water footprint than comparable polyester and features Bluesign® approved fabric and PFC-free DWR, too.

    And when you’re not thinking about the big picture, you might notice that LIFALOFT™ stitching is angled at the exact 11 degrees of the HH logo – just one more example of the attention to detail behind our extensive development of LIFALOFT™.


    PFC free DWR provides water resistance

    The Award-Winning LIFALOFT™ Hybrid Insulator

    Eleven jackets in our FW18 line feature LIFALOFT™, but one standout piece is the Hybrid Insulator. The LIFALOFT™ Hybrid Insulator jacket has won the Red Dot Award for Product Design 2018. This year’s competition had more than 6,300 submissions from 59 countries, and all the products entered were individually assessed and evaluated by an independent and international jury of experts, resulting in the LIFALOFT™  Hybrid Insulator Jacket coming out as one of the winners. “Winning a Red Dot award is a global recognition that we are developing in the right direction to create authentic and innovative products that satisfy professional skiers’ needs” said Philip Tavell, Category Managing Director at Helly Hansen.



    “As with all of our products, we are inspired and driven by our athletes and the professionals that wear our designs every day,” said Tavell, “The Helly Hansen-sponsored Ski Team Sweden Alpine is constantly on the move and needs products and layers that can hold up to training on the slopes and can be stuffed into a small space, but remain dry for travel to a race the next day. Versatility in a piece is key to traveling athletes and we delivered just that in each LIFALOFT™ design.”