What is a Merino?

    The Merino is thought to be the oldest breed of sheep in the world. Merino’s are famous for their fine, soft wool and its ability to thrive in extreme climates – like the high country of New Zealand.

    Created by nature to protect sheep against freezing winters or scorching summers, Merino wool’s inherent properties make it a naturally technical fibre, and a smart choice for humans too!

    Our Merino wool is grown by ZQ certified growers, that comply with the ZQ Grower Standard. The standards demand the best in animal welfare and environmental practice, resulting in fibre that’s perfect for your Helly Hansen base layers.

    Each sheep’s fleece is hand selected. Every single one. Which means a highly skilled ‘classer’ inspects the fibre’s quality and assesses whether it meets the grade. That way you know you’re only getting the best quality.

    Key Benefits

    Warm Up & Stay Cool

    Merino wool is thermoregulating and adapts to warm or cool you according to the conditions.

    Breathability & Moisture Movement

    Merino fibre is made up of a breathable, complex structure that’s finer than the hair on your head, leaving you feeling flexible and free to move naturally. Merino wool works in a way that wicks moisture away from the skin, keeping you dry during those sweaty morning hikes.

    Reduces Smell

    Merino wool resists the build-up of odour, preventing stink and requires less washing.

    Merino is better for the environment

    Merino wool is a natural, renewable fibre that requires less washing and is kinder on the environment.

    Our growers

    We use healthy merino sheep

    Our growers rely on their animals for their livelihood, so it’s vital they provide and care for their animals in the best way they can. Healthy, happy sheep make the best fibre. ZQ sheep graze in some of the world’s most beautiful and remote grassland areas, and are free to roam in extensive conditions throughout the year.

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