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Inherently hydrophobic fibers

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The primary application of polypropylene is in our LIFA® fibers. Polypropylene has some unique properties, such as being extremely lightweight, having low thermal conductivity, and being inherently water repellent. In addition, the raw material polypropylene has a 46% lower GWP (Global Warming Potential) compared to polyester. *based on Higg MSI 3.0 data at Percentage reduction pertains to the raw material phase


lifa® base layers

The LIFA® fiber’s unique properties have been our driver to develop high-performance products such as our LIFA® base layer collection, the LIFALOFT™ insulation, in collaboration with Primaloft, and lately, the LIFA® infinity membrane and face PRO fabric which offer inherent durable water repellency.

We are approaching polypropylene with a multi-pronged approach and are trying to reduce negative impacts through these three actions: solution dyeing, quality construction, and increased use of recycled materials. By using solution dye techniques, we reduce water waste and emissions. By creating a long-lasting construction, we reduce your need to retire your base layer.

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waterless dyeing of synthetics

Solution dyed fabrics

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Frequently Asked Questions

When and why should I wash my Lifa® base layers?

Lifa® base layer technology is designed to keep you dry next to your skin by transferring moisture away from the skin where it can evaporate more easily. How often you should wash your Lifa® product is based on your activity level and how much sweat you produce.

We recommend washing your Lifa® products regularly after each use by simply giving them a quick hand wash to keep them clean and avoid bacteria build ups. Don’t tumble dry your Lifa® products, but line dry them.


How should I wash and dry my Lifa® base layers?

Always check the care label and follow the instructions. However, here are some general guidelines on how to wash Lifa® products. These should not replace the instructions on the care label. 

– Lifa® products are machine washable; follow the care instructions for temperature and cycle. We recommend using the wool program for these products.

– Do not tumble or heat dry. Only air/hang to dry.

– Always use the least amount of detergent as possible and if the base layer contains wool (Lifa® Merino), please use wool detergents.

Due to the nature of these products, we can recommend to hand wash directly after each use in lukewarm water to avoid bacteria and odor build up.