Freeride Skiing, mountain biking, climbing and watersports

Reine Barkered

Åre, Sweden


From the groomed pist to the wildest freeride.

Freeride skier Reine Barkered hails from Åre, Sweden where he was born and raised. His ski career started with alpine skiing, but he soon lost his motivation for this and one day some of his friends got him out of the groomers, into the backcountry and convinced him to follow them into some freeriding competitions. From then on, Reine was hooked, and has been competing in the Freeride World Tour since 2009.

Reine’s freeride career initially started from a mistake- on his first competition he got caught on his inside ski above some very big cliffs and decided it was better to point the skis falling, rather than tumble over. He managed to stay on his feet, bouncing over some serious terrain and riding out safely. Both pros and photographers who were watching the event agreed that Reine had a future in the sport, as they saw the natural skill he possessed. The fall got Reine motivated and encouraged him to focus all his energy into the sport.

Reine went on to win the Swedish and Norwegian championships, as well as the World Championships in 2012. His personal highlight was the 2 wins on the Xtreme Verbier on the Bec des Rosses in 2012 and 2014, a mountain that both terrifies him and motivates him to push his limits.

Reine’s love for skiing motivates him to not slow down: he has surpassed most of his goals, but dreams of one more win in Verbier, hopefully after he turns 40 – and achievement that only one other rider has managed previously.