Sailing, photography, skiing, mountaineering, public speaking

Mats Grimsæth

Sailboat, anywhere


He might be young, but this boy has a lot of experience as a sailor and photographer.

Mats Grimsæth was raised by the sea in Nevlunghavn, Norway. As an avid sailor and photographer, this 21 year is never short of an adventure.

At the age of 15, Mats pursued his passion for photography by working for his local newspaper as a freelance photographer. Three years later, he was the youngest person ever to be accepted to the Red Bull photographer’s Academy.

During his time at Red Bull, Mats bought a sailboat, even though he had no knowledge of sailing! Shortly afterwards, for some much needed experience, he decided to join some friends on an adventure; transporting a sailboat across the North Sea, from Belgium to Norway. This trip gave Mats the experience and realization that sailing was his new passion.

In the summer of 2015, after working hard to renovate a 30ft Alo Mikkel sail boat, Mats decided that this will be his new home and for the next year he would live on his boat, working and sailing along the Norwegian coastline. During the year’s adventure, he tried out various new activities; surfing, hiking the mountains and ski mountaineering.

We look forward to follow Mats’ next adventure.