Climbing, mountain biking, mountain running, snowboarding, multi-day expeditions and more.

Jean-Francois Plouffe

Squamish, BC


A devoted outdoor adventurer, JF is passionate about the outdoors, health, fitness and his family.

JF brings a wealth of experience and certifications to coaching triathlons, climbing, mountain biking, white water canoeing, kayaking, snowboarding, diving, advanced wilderness first aid and leading multi-day expeditions on an international scale.

JF hopes that his adventurers, positive energy and determination will inspire people to get out there and connect with the environments they live in. He wants to encourage people of all abilities to make the most of the nature around them and create their own unique adventures.

He spends his spare time climbing in the mountains and discovering new local trails on his mountain bike. When JF is not spending time outdoors, he is either recharging his batteries by eating lots of spinach and power cookies, or in a coffee shop writing down his future goals for the next adventure.

He lives by the motto: live the life you have always imagined.