Dennis Risvoll

    Vågå, Norway


    “The king of backflips”

    Dennis Risvoll is a Norwegian free skier, born in the mountains surrounding Vågå. From a young age, he admired his friends and family’s ski abilities, always looking up to them. They were his heroes, so it wasn’t really a question; he wanted to be as good as them. And he did just that.

    Dennis continues to succeed in the sport and is now entering his second season as the only Norwegian skier in the Freeride World Tour. Last year he became the first and only Norwegian to win a World Tour event twice, and his goal for this season is easy: to win the whole competition.

    Dennis is known for his backflips and taking risks when choosing his lines, giving him the motto: It’s all or nothing!

    When he’s not skiing, he enjoys hiking and spending time with his friends and girlfriend at their house in the mountains.


    Photo: Håvard/ Planckfilm


    Photo: Håvard/ Planckfilm


    Photo: Håvard/ Planckfilm


    Photo: Håvard/ Planckfilm


    Photo: Håvard/ Planckfilm


    Photo: Håvard/ Planckfilm