Alpine Ski Team Finland




Winning is all about the attitude, hard work is all about the attitude. We might not have the biggest mountains and the longest slopes, but Finns are well known for their strength and never-give-up attitude. That’s the core of Ski Sport Finland and its national team members and staff. Ski Sport Finland, Alpine Ski Team Finland’s governing body, develops its future stars with professionalism and persistence. Over 20 professionals and experts are taking care of 30 top athletes, from juniors to the World Cup.

Ski Sport Finland is an independent sports organization that operates in close cooperation with Finnish Ski Federation and Finnish International Ski Federation. Ski Sport Finland is acting as a national governing body of alpine skiing. The federation coordinates the national competition system with help of its member clubs and partners while taking into account the overall needs of the sport in different age groups. This includes international and domestic visibility of the World Cups, as well as race events and tours.