Success and Injuries in Nepal

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We have received satellite call updates from the Nepal Expedition team deep in the Rolwaling Valley, where the team spent the first week pioneering new ice climbing routes.  After a successful climb, Alan and Matt were repelling down the route when a rock struck Matt's hand from a couple hundred meters above.  The group was able to get Matt back down to the Village of Na where he needed to head back to the US immediately from there, after being checked out by the doctor, Matt had suffered 3 broken fingers as well as a broken hand.

Alan and Tino continued on and despite high winds and very techinical climbing, the pair were able to successfully summit Langmoche Ri (6611 meters / 21,689 feet) making them the first ever to stand atop the peak!  Tino said their next mission is down near Na, climbing more frozen waterfalls of the local region, many of which have never been touched before.  Helly Hansen wants to extend a huge congratulations to Tino and Alan on making the first ascent of Langmoche Ri and our best wishes are with Matt for a quick recovery to get back on the frozen ice as soon as he can!

Stay tuned for more in depth write ups and huge photo posts from the team very soon when they get back from Rolwaling!

Published November 28

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