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Often in sailing when at a regatta you will hear the locals give an excuse about the bad weather or breeze that is “ it’s not normally like this…” Well  that was all that was going through my head as we set up to start the second part of the leg 3 out of the Maldives.

This time though I wasn’t talking about the weather, I was talking about the Volvo Ocean Race. Because we had not been a part of the sprint leg into Abu Dhabi this was my first experience in four Volvo’s of such a start. Jack Lloyd the race director sitting on a rock with a flag on a piece of Bamboo ( so it looked) and then a radio tower on another island as the leeward end, yup for sure, it was okay to say to the first timers on board.. “its not normally like this…”

But it worked and was just fine and here we are, the whole fleet off and on our way to Sanya, it’s over a month since we were forced to suspend racing in Leg two and to say it is great to be back racing with the fleet is the understatement of the year, it’s unbelievable!!!

Got away cleanly and the whole fleet is all pretty close on port tack in about 12 knots of wind, we are going okay…,  but just okay, for sure we are slowly bleeding metres, so as I have always said we can’t have it be just a drag race all the way to the finish, but if any leg has the opportunity to throw up some curve balls it will be this one, we just need to make sure that we are still close enough when entering the Mallaca straights and then we can mix it up again.. For now though for the next 1250 miles it’s about hanging n with the skin of our teeth…

Happy Chinese New Year to you all and, give nice positive thoughts for the underdogs!! It’s our turn !!

Talk soon

Mike and the guys on Sanya Lan..

Published January 23

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