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The spring skiing season in Norway is starting to decline due to a lack of snow in the lower parts. Despite of this we still got to experience some beautiful touring with our good friends at Bre og Fjell when they hosted the annual Rosendal Skifestival.

Rosendal is situated in the western parts of Norway, 1,5 hours by boat from Bergen. With a base at the spectacularly beautiful Rosendal Turisthotell, together with Bre og Fjell and approximately 40 other fellow skiers, we had an amazing framework for skitouring.

On our way over the mountains from Oslo a couple of us decided to get a short trip squeezed in at Haukelifjell. With a clear blue sky and short hike (30 min) in to the base of the mountain we decided to do a nice looking and relatively short couloir. Two hours later we were ready to continue the drive.

Saturday came with clear, blue skies and we set off from the hotel  at around nine.  After a 10 min drive from the center we got the parking stop and started walking. 45 minutes later it was time to put our skis’ on. We were then approximately 650 meters above sea level. First we toured up to Omnatind (1378 meters). An easy to reach peak with great cruising back down where we only had to use axes for the last 50 meters.

We skied down and around on the backside before we started the ascension towards “Store Bjørndalstind” (1426 meters). The skiing back down was superb at around 35 degrees and with lots of nice terrain features.

Back at the cars at around four pm. Ready to enjoy the sun by the fjord and maybe having a cold one or two. We had a great dinner with everyone chatting about their day. In the evening we enjoyed some nice slide shows from various tours and handed out a great Helly Hansen Odin Guiding light jacket to the person with the best picture of the day. The jacked is developed in close cooperation with the various guides from bre og fjell. A really great and versatile, light, 3-ply jacket.

Sunday we chose a shorter tour where we could put our skis on by the car. We headed up for “Blådalshorga”. Two hours up made it possible to actually do two different laps on the mountain. Again the terrain was great and conditions amazing with some 5cm of nice slush on the top.

All in all a great weekend! Thank you both to the guys at Bre og Fjell, but not the least to the other participators.

Published May 4

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