Limited-Edition Renault Captur Helly Hansen: The Adventure Starts Here!

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May 05, 2014


Renault has joined forces with the outdoor sport and leisure clothing brand Helly Hansen to market the first Renault Captur to feature Extended Grip, a system designed to optimise traction performance whatever the conditions.

Exclusively, the limited-edition Helly Hansen version of Captur can be ordered in Flamme Red, and generous use of the colour has been made inside the cabin, too. The rugged appeal of this version of Renault’s urban crossover is reinforced by the fitment of front and rear skid plates and 17-inch wheels.

Renault Captur Helly Hansen’s standard equipment package includes the R-Link multimedia tablet with touchscreen display, plus a long list of other comfort-enhancing features.

Leather upholstery is also available exclusively for this limited-edition version (standard or optional depending on market).

Any of the engines available in the Captur catalogue can be specified for the limited-edition Helly Hansen version which is due to go on sale in June in most European markets, followed by a September release date for France, the Netherlands, Belgium and Spain.

The range of the brand’s first urban crossover, Renault Captur, has been expanded by the introduction of a new limited-edition Helly Hansen version developed in association with the celebrated Norwegian outdoor sport and leisure clothing brand founded in 1877. The new addition features a distinctive adventurer look thanks to its exclusive Flamme Red finish, making it the only version of the model to offer this body colour, as well as to its Platine Grey front and rear skid plates and 17-inch black diamond-effect alloy wheels. HH badging on the wings portray indicates the car’s association with Helly Hansen.

“We’re excited to team up with one of Europe’s leading car manufacturers. Helly Hansen has always been about protecting and enabling professionals that face extreme environments – and we’re known for our unwillingness to compromise between style and performance. We see the Captur Helly Hansen, as a great way to inspire urban consumers, and give them the confidence to go out and explore more of their world”, says Erik Burbank Vice President Brand & Marketing.

Captur Helly Hansen can be ordered in one of four two-tone finishes:

• Flamme Red with a black or ivory roof,

• Etoilé Black with an ivory roof,

• Cassiopée Grey with a black roof,

• Ivory with a black roof.

The limited-edition Helly Hansen version of Captur is equipped with exclusive new leather seats (standard or optional depending on market). Other specific interior embellishments include red dashboard trim strips, a ‘carbon fibre’ motif for the steering wheel insert, chrome door sill guards and front carpet mats.

Additional grip to facilitate driving whatever the conditions.

Renault Captur Helly Hansen is also equipped with the Extended Grip system first seen on Renault Scénic X-Mod in 2013.

This advanced technology is an evolution of the traction control system designed to optimise grip in difficult conditions, such as snow, mud, sand, etc.

A rotary control on the centre console allows the driver to select the ideal mode for the conditions. There are three modes (‘Road’, ‘Loose Ground’ and ‘Expert’), the first of which is the default choice for hard surfaces (dry, wet or ice).

The ‘Loose Ground’ mode puts the Extended Grip system in charge of the driven wheels. Engine torque and braking effort are automatically adjusted to permit more front wheel spin. This allows the M&S tyres (Mud and Snow) to clear mud or sand more effectively and therefore benefit from better grip.

By selecting the ‘Expert’ mode, the driver can control the delivery of engine torque to accelerate as he or she sees fit, while leaving optimisation of the braking effort to the system.

The Extended Grip system automatically reverts to ‘Road’ mode at speeds in excess of 40kph is the ‘Loose Ground’ or ‘Expert’ mode has been selected.

The system necessitates the fitment of Mud and Snow tyres, the specific tread pattern of which enables them to clear mud, sand or soft snow more efficiently.

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Founded in Norway, in 1877, Helly Hansen continues to protect and enable professionals making their living on oceans and mountains around the world. Their apparel, developed through a blend of Scandinavian design and insights drawn from living in some of the harshest environments on earth, helps provide the confidence professionals need to step out into the elements and complete their jobs. The company invented the first supple, waterproof fabrics more than 130 years ago, created the first fleece fabrics in the 1960s and introduced the first technical baselayers made with Lifa® Stay Dry Technology in the 1970s. Today, Helly Hansen is the official uniform partner for more than 60 ski resorts and mountain guiding operations and has outfitted more than 33,000 mountain professionals. The brand's outerwear, baselayers, sportswear and footwear for winter, outdoor and water sports are sold in more than 40 countries. To learn more about Helly Hansen's latest collections, visit

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