Discover Zermatt with Swiss Orienteering Week!

Event, Switzerland
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Only 2 weeks until the event starts! The Swiss Orienteering Week (SOW) will take place in the Swiss alpine city of Zermatt, from the July 19th to the 26th. Like in the past Helly Hansen will be the Official Supplier of SOW, to keep the staff warm, dry and well-protected from the elements. The short description of the Swiss Orienteering Week would be a mixture of sport, adventure and family fun activity. With 6 stages, 47 categories and 4700 runners from 38 countries SOW is one of the most important orienteering events in Europe. This year, the organizers are adding ...

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Published July 4

Norwegian Race: Who will be the First to Molde?

General news, Germany 2014_NorwegianRace_01 2014_NorwegianRace_02

Both teams accepted the challenge: be the first to reach Molde starting from Bergen. The teams will fight with their own means: team Renault with a Renault Captur Helly Hansen and team Helly Hansen with a sailing boat. Helly Hansen ambassadors Aurelien Ducroz and Eric Peron will steer the Helly Hansen boat and try to get the best blast of air along the Norwegian coasts. Instead of racing on the water, team Renault will drive the new Renault Captur Helly Hansen over mountains, through fjords and breathtaking landscapes of Norway. Both teams will need to draw on theirs personal racing ...

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Published June 27

Sail to Ski Iceland - Trip Report from Marcus Caston

Skiing, United States
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Arrival Day It all happened so fast. One minute I’m skiing in Cortina Italy, and the next I’m landing in Isafjordur Iceland.Iceland Air has a great layover program you can take advantage of when traveling between the States and Europe. That’s your bonus travel tip you get for reading my experience, and probably the one thing you should take away. Isafjordur is located in the far north of Iceland, and has one of the coolest airports in the world. The runway is literally surrounded on all sides by water, and the water is surrounded on 3 sides by mountains. We ...

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Published June 16

Welcome Team Epic Racing to the Helly Hansen Family

Sailing, United States
Roble-team-2 pv-070614-WMRWC-37

The team from Helly Hansen North America is proud to have the all women's Epic Racing team joining our ambassador crew. The ladies will be counting on our gear throughout the Women's International Match Racing Series this year throughout the world and training back home in Chicago. Learn more about the crew that makes up Epic Racing: Epic Racing is an elite, all-female match racing team from the United States. The team was officially created in 2013, but was a product of a campaign for the 2012 Olympics that began in 2011. After match racing was eliminated for the 2016 ...

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Published June 13

Points North Heli: Year in Review

Skiing, United States
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This winter kicked off with exciting news for Helly Hansen ambassador Tino Villanueva, he was going to be making the pilgramage up to Cordova, Alaska to guide with Points North. Even for a highly experienced guide like Tino, chances like this are what it's all about. Check out Tino's year wrap up from an amazing winter in AK: Every season starts the same way. Anticipation. For skiers, it starts in autumn. The days get shorter and snow cannot fall heavily enough, or stack up quickly enough. Anticipation, build up. When will I be able to go skiing? You start going ...

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Published June 10

Project Denali: The Plan

Skiing, United States
topo-1 topo-2

As Joel is deep in Alaska at this time, his wife is receiving sat phone updates and relaying the information over to us. Joel and Josh have made it 5.5 miles up Kahiltna Glacier to Ski Hill Camp and then on to camp at the base of Motorcycle Hill at 11,000 feet. During the breaks of a storm that is blowing through, the boys have made a quick trek up to almost 14,000 feet and skied a foot of fresh powder back down, although they may be hunkered down for a few days waiting out this storm. We will keep ...

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Published June 5

Project Denali: The Gear

Skiing, United States
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As Joel is traveling up to Denali he sent us a quick update on the gear he will need in order to summit and ski Denali: The time is upon me. I get on Denali in less than 24 hours and I have a mountain of gear packed up and ready to go. It was not an easy process accumulating all the necessary gear, nor was it easy to get it all packed. Here's what we've go going up the mountain with us.Tomorrow it is off to Talkeetna and out of communication for a while.Clothing: Hardshell Jacket (HH Odin Guiding ...

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Published June 3

Helly Hansen Goes for Gold with Finland’s National Cross-Country Ski Team

Skiing, Norway

OSLO, NORWAY (May 30, 2014) — Helly Hansen announced today its four-year partnership with the Finnish national cross-country skiing team. Beginning June 1st 2014, the Norwegian sportswear and apparel company will officially outfit one of the world’s top cross-country skiing teams with training and competition apparel, footwear, and accessories. The Finnish national cross-country skiing team joins Helly Hansen’s robust portfolio of athletes and professional partners, including the U.S. Alpine Ski Team, the Volvo Ocean Race’s first all-female crew, Team SCA, and more than 80 premier ski resorts and Sailing Clubs around the world. The four-year agreement with Finland’s national team ...

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Published May 30

Project Denali: Final Training Run on North Maroon Peak

Skiing, United States
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North Maroon Peak, which is one of the "Maroon Bells," is without a doubt the most iconic peak in Colorado. It shows up everywhere. It seemed to taunt me every time I saw it in an ad campaign, movie, website or even on my grocery store card. Previously, each time I've tried to ski it there have been issues with my ski partners or I've been turned around by conditions (like in this trip report from last year). This year things were different.Climbing and skiing the North Face of North Maroon Peak was another great bit of training for Denali. ...

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Published May 30

Project Denali: Weekly Training

Skiing, United States
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Getting in good physical shape for ski mountaineering is much different than getting in good physical shape for skiing. I've gotten quite a few questions about what I'm doing to train for Denali aside from skiing other peaks, so I figured it would be a good idea to do a little write-up about my general weekly training routine.For starters, my training schedule usually looks something like this:Sunday - Family Day and RestMonday - Gym DayTuesday - Ski DayWednesday - Gym DayThursday - Gym DayFriday - Ski DaySaturday - Ski DaySince January my gym workouts have changed significantly when compared my ...

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Published May 22

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