Warmer. Cooler. Lighter.

Control your body’s temperature this
winter with Helly Hansen’s H2Flow™ Technology –
 Warmer. Cooler. Lighter.

Our unique h2flow™ technology

H2Flow allows you to control your body’s temperature. The insulation concept uses air to provide warmth and ventilation and, at the same time, lets you control airflow so you can cool down when necessary.

When we talked to professional sailors, skiers and mountain guides, they told us they needed something that would help them stay warm, but was more versatile and comfortable. We had the idea of a system that could provide heat when needed, but with a high volume of mechanical ventilation so you could get rid of the heat and cool off when you warmed up.

Since heat is trapped in air pockets, we looked for designs with little pockets around the jacket, which was a completely new concept. Through countless tests and prototypes, we realized that this indeed created a unique solution – a jacket that is Warmer. Cooler. Lighter.


The H2Flow technology optimizes insulation. Using air pockets or holes that store warmth from your body.


You can easily cool down if you get too warm. Simply open the ventilation zippers, and let cold air to enter and warm air to exit.


H2Flow uses captured air to provide additional warmth, instead of filling the jacket with more insulation. That’s why H2Flow jackets have high warmth to weight ratio, and in some cases weigh 30% less than comparable traditional jackets.



Ambassador Testimonials

Miles Clark - Mission Stoke Shell Jacket

Miles Clark – Mission Stoke Shell Jacket

Jackie Paaso - W Stella Jacket

Jackie Paaso – W Stella Jacket

Asmus Norreslet - Odin H2 Flow Jacket

Asmus Norreslet – Odin H2 Flow Jacket