Helly Hansen Base Layers are developed from our very own Lifa® fabric, and are a huge source of pride.

  • 1970

    In 1970 we introduced Lifa®-technology, a new way to knit polypropylene that leads moisture away from the body. It instantly became the leading underwear in moisture management.

  • 1990

    In 1990 we introduced Prowool, the product known today as HH Warm. It has a Lifa® layer on the inside, to transport moisture away from the body, and a Merino wool layer on the outside, to keep warm.

  • 2012

    In 2012 we have three products in the Base Layer line, HH Warm, HH Dry and HH One. We launch new packaging, and offer clearer definitions of the fits: Fitted, Regular and Relaxed.


    In 1970 we launched a new kind of “super underwear”, based on a synthetic material, but developed in a completely new way. We called the material Lifa®, and the underwear Base Layer. It quickly became a success, and was instantly recognizable from its “performance stripe” pattern down the arms.

    Lifa® moves the moisture away from the body, whereas regular polypropylene, used in most of our competitors’ clothes, just sucks it up and spreads it out in the fabric.


    42 years later, dedicated outdoor enthusiasts have bought millions of Base Layers all over the world. Today it’s available in 45 countries on 5 continents, and in some markets its not even referred to as a Helly Hansen product or a Base Layer; it’s just a “Lifa”.

  • The original concept has not changed dramatically in those years, but the product has gotten even better. Its main job is still to move moisture away from the skin, so you can stay dry and perform better, but our continued focus on innovation and product development has let us launch some new features along the way. In fact, we’ve made over 50 updates to our Lifa® fabrics in just the last 15 years.


    The HH Warm, for example, is designed with inspiration from nature. It features a hollow T3 fiber construction in the inner layer, with a softer Merino wool layer on the outside. Actually imitating the fur of polar bear, whose inner fur fibers are also hollow, this innovative design provides even greater moisture transport and insulating performance, while weighing even less than before.

    What we learned from studying and talking to athletes and workers, combined with lab development and testing the products on real people in real nature, has led us to where we are today.

    HH Base Layer. Dry equals warmer.

  • What makes Lifa® special is the structure in which it is knit.
    It transports the moisture out and away from the body, keeping your skin dry.