How do I wash my garment?

Always follow the care instructions provided with the garment. In general: Non-waterproof and waterproof (non-breathable) garments can be washed in a washing machine, at the temperature recommended on the care label sewn into the garment.

HH Base Layer should be washed with a mild detergent at 60 degrees Celsius for HH Dry and HH Cool, and 40 degrees Celsius for HH Warm. Air dry HH Base Layer garments - using a hot dryer will cause them to melt.

Waterproof/breathable garments, including HELLY TECH, should be washed in warm water with a technical wash (see care label in garment for recommended temperature). Ensure all zippers and fasteners are closed. Rinse thoroughly to remove all detergent residues. Do not use fabric softener as it breaks down Helly Tech and do not tumble dry. Do not dry clean or iron.

How do I pack my jacket into its pocket?

Open the mouth of the pocket (usually there is a zip, so unzip this) and turn the pocket inside out. Starting with the fabric nearest the pocket mouth, begin to gently stuff the garment into the pocket. Make sure you push the fabric into the pocket corners. When you have inserted the entire garment into the pocket, the pocket will feel tight and full. Refasten the zip; the garment is now packed.

How do I restore the water-proof quality of my garment?

Make sure the garment is clean (see How Do I Clean My Garment?), then apply a DWR (durable water repellent) spray-on or wash-in solution so that water continues to "bead" (water droplets appear to slide off) on the outer surface. Helly Hansen does not recommend any particular spray; leading brands include Nikwax, Grangers and McNett. Read the label on the spray for user advice.

I damaged my garment doing an activity it was not designed for. Is it still covered under warranty?

Your garment was designed for a specific use, and will only be covered for damages sustained during those activities. As well, improper use of the garment during activities it was designed for such as damage from snowboard and or ski edges during the activity, are not covered under warranty. Be sure to ask your retailer for details on the design and functionality of your garment prior to purchase.

I have altered my garment. Is it still covered under warranty?

Once you have made alterations, your garment is no longer covered by our warranty. Please contact our Returns Coordinator for more details prior to any alterations to your garment.

My dry/wet suit seals need to be replaced. What should I do?

You can either replace the seals yourself, see if your local retailer sells repair kits, or you can have your garment repaired at one of our certified Repair Centres for a reasonable charge.

My garment doesn't keep me warm. Is this covered under warranty?

Your garment is insulated only to provide additional warmth, not a specific temperature rating like with sleeping bags. What's more, many factors "your fitness level, body wear and local temperature" will impact the garment's effectiveness. The best way to stay warm is to wear proper layering (the HH 3 Layer System) underneath your garment.

My garment is not "breathing". Should it be replaced?

All our fabrics are tested to meet international standards. However, there are many individual factors that can affect the breathability of your garment, from your fitness level to your body wear, to the local temperature and humidity. The best way to maximize breathability is to use the garment's venting system correctly and to re-activate the DWR regularly.

My jacket and pants were damaged by carrying my snowboard and/or skis. Is this covered under warranty?

Unfortunately, no fabric can withstand the sharp metal edges of a snowboard or skis. Please be careful when carrying or using any sharp metal objects. Damage from snowboard and/or ski edges is not covered under warranty. If you wish, we can arrange to have your garment(s) mended at one of our certified Repair Centres for a reasonable charge.

My jacket is losing its water repellency. What should I do?

Your garment's Durable Water Repellent (DWR) is only a temporary finish. With regular wear, it will need to be re-applied at least once a year. Dirt will also effect the DWR, so be sure to wash and dry the garment regularly according to the washing instructions.

Should down feathers be coming out of the seams of my jacket?

Down coming out of your jacket's seams is acceptable, as there is no way to plug the holes needles make during sewing. Garments with a more technical "baffle construction" will prevent any down from escaping.

The screen print on my garment is wearing off. Is this normal?

The screen on your garment is designed to last for at least a year. Eventually, however, it will wear off.

How do I apply for Helly Hansen sponsorship?

Write a letter to Helly Hansen in your country of residence (you can find details in the Customer Service section of this website). Outline your project, explaining why you want sponsorship, what level you are seeking (eg products or cash) and what you can offer in return.

Please be aware that Helly Hansen receives many requests for sponsorship and, while the majority of projects are very worthwhile, it is not possible for the brand to support everyone.

Where can I find information about Helly Hansen as a company?

Please use our feedback form to request this kind of information.